Monday, 21 March 2016

Pros of Small Cozy Duplex

When Srinivas shifted to Bhubaneswar he was quite clear about what he wanted in his life. Having served as a senior manager in a navratna company, he was quite well of, individually, as he hailed from a wealthy background. With a decent saving in his hand and having married for 2-3 years now, he planned to have an own house in the new place as he had researched and heard all about the capital city of the state of Odisha, which boasts of being a parcel of peace, culture and modernity.

Ready to Move Duplex in Bhubaneswar
Ready to Move Duplex in Bhubaneswar
He was quite meticulous and took quick decisions, thus while he froze the idea of buying a house, he also immediately determined that which kind or category would he go for, either a flat or an independent one. He ha finalized to go for a ready to move duplex in Bhubaneswar. This decision of his was mainly guided by the fact that he loved better or larger space and a lot of privacy. His minimum requirement was a 2400 sq. ft. built up area. Considering a small family of two that may be interpreted as quite huge.

In general, it is accepted that one should spend within one’s means but it doesn’t hold good when it comes to buying a house. Usually, people tend to go beyond what they can afford to at that point of time. Thereby taking a home loan or mortgage is not at all an alien concept. So was this case. He planned to take a 60% of property value as loan to buy this home for sale in Bhubaneswar. Due to his stable job and assured future income, it was an absolutely easy affair for him to get a home loan sanctioned.

House for Sale in Bhubaneswar‎
House for Sale in Bhubaneswar‎
However, as his house hunting expedition started he came across very artistically made small, cozy duplex house with great interiors already in place. He was tempted and was ready to compromise on the space part. That day when he returned back home he googled for advantages of small cozier houses. After going through a couple of articles he was convinced that he should go for the last duplex with a built up area of 1500 sq. ft. Easy maintenance, the closeness of relationships and better bonding were what made this preference more acceptable.

He came across a funny article which claimed that small room amounts to greater minds. To prove its point it quoted big names like Einstein, Mozart and a many more, being raised up in smaller houses. Though Srinivas couldn’t find much logic in this approach, yet looked forward to the idea that his new assets may fetch him some brilliance, then he would rather not mind being wrong in his logic this time around.


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